Emotional Objectification is a series of pathways to emotional communication and understanding. This is accomplished by employing technological mechanisms of digital space in physical door hardware. Our homes and spaces are becoming smarter.  Everything is accessible, and people are moving toward a world that demands little effort from its inhabitants.  Smart homes are making life “easier,” but what of value is lost in this process?         
I seek to harness current human inclinations toward self-curating and digital content to reorient consumers toward a future of self-reflection and genuine emotional intimacy.  Mystical, sensorial climates, created through light, color, and sound, introduce moments of contemplative pause.     
The door’s subtly charged hardware becomes a new mediator to disrupt digitally dependent communication streams in hopes of opening and widening the opportunity for connection.  The door exists as an entryway through which I am able to craft a world that works for all, harnessing depth and verity in daily, physical interaction.